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The following is an index of the current Painless Installation manuals in PDF format.

To view the manuals, you must have Acrobat reader installed on your computer. Acrobat is a FREE download. Just follow this link to the Adobe web site for download and installation instructions.

Part #
30201 Hot Shot Plus With Engine Bump Switch Relay Kit View PDF
30202 Hot Shot Kit View PDF
30203 Remote Starter Solenoid Kit View PDF
30204 Remote Master Disconnect Kit View PDF
30205 Remote Disconnect w/Emergency Button View PDF
30206 Remote Disconnect w/Latching Solenoid View PDF
30301 Gauge Wiring Harness/Mechanical Speedometer View PDF
30302 Gauge Wiring Harness/Electric Speedometer View PDF
30700 Ultra High Amp Alternator Kit (140-190 amps) View PDF
30702 Courtesy Light Kit View PDF
30705 CS 130D Style GM Alternator Pigtail View PDF
30706 Delco Alternator Pigtail View PDF
30707 Delco Alternator Pigtail (Late Style) View PDF
30708 GM Truck Courtesy Light Kit (1967 - 1972) View PDF
30709 High Output Alternator Wire w/boot View PDF
30710 Universal Courtesy Light Kit View PDF
30711 Racing Safety Charge Wire Kit View PDF
30715 1970-1981 Camaro Power Window/Lock Harness View PDF
30717 Jeep Manifold Heater Relay View PDF
30720 Diode Kit View PDF
30802 High Beam Headlight Relay Kit (1988-1998 GM fullsize trucks & SUVs) View PDF
30803 Auxiliary Light Relay Kit w/Switch View PDF
30805 GM Steering Column and Dimmer Switch Pigtails View PDF
30806 GM Conversion Kit View PDF
30809 HEI Power Lead Pigtail View PDF
30812 DuraSpark II Ignition Harness View PDF
30813 HEI Tachometer Lead Pigtail View PDF
30814 Quad H-4 Headlight Conversion Harness View PDF
30815 H-4 Headlight Relay Conversion Harness View PDF
30816 9004 & 9007 Headlight Bulb Conversion Harness View PDF
30817 9005-9006 Headlight Bulb Conversion Harness View PDF
30818 1967 Camaro HL Door Harness View PDF
30819 Jeep Duraspark II Harness View PDF
30821 High Beam Headlight Relay Kit (1999-2002 GM fullsize trucks & SUVs) View PDF
30822 High Beam Headlight Relay Kit 2003-2006 GM fullsize trucks & SUVs View PDF
30823 S/T 10/15 Headlight Relay Kit(1998 & Up) View PDF
30830 C.S.I Universal Engine Harness View PDF
30831 Ford 3G Alternator Harness View PDF
30901 Chevy A/C Harness 1967 - 1972 use w/Part #10206 View PDF
40006 Quick Connect Kit/2 wire View PDF
40007 Quick Connect Kit/3 wire View PDF
40008 Quick Connect Kit/4 wire View PDF
40009 Quick Connect Kit/6 wire View PDF
40010 Quick Connect Kit/9 wire View PDF
40011 Quick Connect Kit/12 wire View PDF
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