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26 Circuit Customizable Weatherproof Off Road Chassis Harness By Painless Performance

P/N 10140

26 Circuit Customizable Weatherproof Off Road Chassis Harness


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Year: Universal
Make: Universal
Model: Universal
Engine: Carbureted or Any Stand Alone Fuel Injection
Trans.: Any
American Made


This harness is formerly known as our 20 circuit kit. Click here to read about the recent changes.

This 26 circuit weatherproof harness can be used to update the wiring in just about any offroad vehicle. This tough kit features: a weatherproof fuse block with an o-ring sealed cover, weatherproof heat sealed crimp-on terminals, weatherproof horn relay and machined crimped splices with weatherproof shrink tubing.  This Harness is adaptable to many of the original connector plugs in your vehicle and includes; pre-wired plugs for the headlights; GM turn signal & column mounted ignition switch connectors.


Number of Circuits: 26 Circuits - 20 Fuses w/ Horn Relay and Maxi Fuse
Harness Length: Universal
Fuse Type: Mini Blade & Maxi Fuse
Firewall Passthrough: Grommet
Color Code Based: Universal
Circuit Designations: Printed on Wires
Connectors Included: GM Column Mounted Ignition and Turn Switches, Dimmer Switch and two Headlight Pigtails

This harness includes circuits for:

  1. A/C & Heat
  2. Accessory #1 (Switched B+)
  3. Accessory #2 (Switched B+)
  4. Accessory #3 (Switched B+)
  5. Accessory #4 ( B+)
  6. Accessory #5 ( B+)
  7. Accessory #6 (Switched B+)
  8. Accessory / Cigarette Lighter
  9. Brake Lights
  10. Charging
  11. Fan Relay Activation Power
  12. Dome Light
  13. Electric Choke
  14. Emergency Flashers
  15. Fused Power Source
  16. Headlights
  17. Horn (Relay)
  18. Ignition Coil
  19. Instrument Panel Lighting and Gauges*
  20. Park Lights
  21. Radio/Clock (Constant and Switched) 
  22. Starting
  23. Tail Lights
  24. Third Brake Light
  25. Turn Signals
  26. Wipers

* Including Wires For:
Fuel Gauge
Oil Gauge
Temperature Gauge

 26 Circuit Customizable Weatherproof Off Road Chassis Harness By Painless Performance



ECM Flash Program



This is a basic start and run tune that we only recommend for a near stock application. We will only change the following parameters: delete VATS/PASS-KEY security, cooling fan on/off temperatures, rear end gear ratio, tire size, speed limiter, rpm limiter, idle rpm, and we will adjust the check engine light parameters. If your setup requires any other parameters tuned you will need to locate a local tuner. All ECMs are left unlocked to allow easy access for your tuner.

Step 1: Purchase one of the qualifying part numbers. See below for that list.

Step 2: If your part number is highlighted RED proceed to step 3B. If your part number is highlighted BLACK, proceed to step 3A.

Step 3A: If you have arrived at this step, your harness does not come with an ECM and you must provide one to be flashed. Please reference the manual with your harness to confirm the ECM part number required.

Step 4A: Once you have received your harness, please cut the Barcode label from the box as shown in the picture below.

Step 5A: Package and mail your ECM along with the Barcode label, a copy of your purchase receipt, and your ECM form that you are about to complete. (The address will be provided after you complete the form). We will pay for return ground shipping*. If you request a faster service, you will need to provide a return label.

Step 3B: If you have arrived at this step, your purchase comes with an ECM. You must fill out our ECM form BEFORE your purchase will ship. Proceed to Step 6.

Step 6: Click the “Start Here” button below to fill out our ECM questionnaire.

Step 7: Once we have the ECM, we will use the data from the form to flash the ECM. Then, once it has been flashed we will package the ECM and ship it back to you. If we encounter a question, we will contact you. This process can take 1-3 days.

Step 8: Once you receive your ECM, it is ready to go.


*Note: Our free return shipping is ONLY good for the lower 48 states, via ground UPS. If you are outside of those states, you must provide a return shipping label with your order. If your purchase comes with an ECM, the shipping will be covered via the retailer you purchased from.



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