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17 Circuit Customizable Nostalgia All Black Chassis Harness  By Painless Performance

Painless P/N 10309

17 Circuit Customizable Nostalgia All Black Chassis Harness

In Dash Ignition

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Year: Universal
Make: Universal
Model: Universal
Engine: Carbureted or Any Stand Alone Fuel Injection
Trans.: Any
American Made


This 17 circuit harness with all black wire insulation can help your vehicle look clean and help blend your harness into the background of your vehicle. Are you looking for a very painless to install harness with the flexibility of the fuseblock to be installable anywhere on your vehicle? This harness' unique construction has two major sections: Power Supply Harness w/pre-terminated Fuse Block and the Output Supply Harness. This design allows for the fuse block to virtually be installed anyway on your vehicle. This can be especially useful when building an earlier vehicle without a lot of room under its dashboard. You'll also find many upgrades in this harness such as a 6 gauge charge wire and a 150 amp midi fuse. Included is a 100+ page color step-by-step instruction manual with many useful schematics for adding some of the most common aftermarket upgraded parts to your vehicle.


Number of Circuits: 17
Fuse Type: ATC
Color Code Based: all black with GM color code stripe

Harness includes these circuits:

  1. Accessory / Fuel Pump 
  2. Accessory / Wipers
  3. Backup Lights
  4. Brake Lights
  5. Charging
  6. Electric Choke
  7. Emergency flashers
  8. Fused Power Source
  9. Headlights
  10. Horn (Relay)
  11. Ignition Coil
  12. Instrument Panel Lighting and Gauges*
  13. Park Lights
  14. Radio/Clock (Constant and Switched) 
  15. Starting
  16. Tail Lights
  17. Turn Signals

* Including Wires For:
Fuel Gauge
Oil Gauge
Temperature Gauge

 17 Circuit Customizable Nostalgia All Black Chassis Harness  By Painless Performance