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1970-1981 Camaro Power Window/Lock Harness By Painless Performance

Painless P/N 30715

1970-1981 Camaro Power Window/Lock Harness


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American Made


For 1970-1981 Camaros with factory optioned power windows and door locks with a console mounted window switch.

This harness replaces all of the original wiring to the window motor, lock actuator, and lock switch found in both doors, as well as the harness that goes from the console mounted window switch to both doors. Not only does this harness cover all the factory connections, it also comes with 4 SPDT relays pre-installed to take all of the high amperage power wires for the window motors away from the power window switch, a common upgrade many owners of these factory systems usually piece together on their own.

These relays replace the factory single relay and now send direct power to the window motors without the amperage having to go through the switch, resulting in longer switch life and in most cases, quicker up down functioning of the windows.


Please note that the door grommets from a factory harness must be used


Number of Circuits: 2
Harness Length: n/a
Fuse Type: n/a
Firewall Passthrough: n/a
Color Code Based: gm

 1970-1981 Camaro Power Window/Lock Harness By Painless Performance