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Painless Gauge Controller By Painless Performance

Painless P/N 60650

Painless Gauge Controller


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Year: 1996+
Make: GM
Engine: Gas
American Made


Notice: This product is not currently compatible with GMPP engine harness kits. 

Are you running a modern LSx drivetrain in an older vehicle? If so, you have probably contemplated how you are going to run all of your aftermarket gauges. Up until now your only option was to purchase all the sensors you needed individually and install them to run just the gauges, even though your modern LSx drivetrain already has the necessary sensors integrated into its computer control systems. If running redundant sensors seems a bit...well… redundant, then the LS Gauge Controller is just the product you need. This module uses the information that is already available through your OBDII port, eliminating the need to run duplicate sensors for your various gauge functions. This information is communicated through a system called the “Controller Area Network”, or CAN for short. Once the Gauge Controller Module has been connected to the CAN system you will have the ability to run most aftermarket speedometer, tachometer, coolant temperature, oil pressure*, and fuel level* gauges. The Gauge Controller Module takes the raw data from the CAN system then converts it to a simple user programmable signal for your aftermarket gauges. The module is compatible with all gas engine drivetrains from General Motors that are 1996 and newer. All of those will support speedometer, tachometer, and coolant temperature. Select applications will also support oil pressure and fuel level. See the specs page for more information. 

*Not available for all applications. 



The Gauge Controller applications will vary from vehicle to vehicle and we cannot guarantee that the gauge controller will be able to receive data for fuel level or oil pressure. We have been able to verify that all 5 gauges will function properly when using either an E38 or E67 ECU. We have also been able to verify that if you are using a 0411 or similar ECU, the oil pressure and fuel level gauges WILL NOT function using our Gauge Controller. Also, you must have the necessary sensors and sending units correctly connected to your ECU for the Gauge Controller to be able to collect data from the OBDII system. For instance, if you do not have the correct fuel level sending unit connected to the ECU, the gauge controller will not receive a signal for the fuel level.


There are several different protocols, or languages, used in OBDII systems. The PERFECT Gauge Controller supports only two of these protocols, which are J1850 VPW and ISO 15765-4. Typically J1850 VPW will be found in GM vehicles produced between 1997 and 2007, while ISO 15765-4 can be found in most new GM and Mopar vehicles. Starting in the year 2008, all new Mopar and GM vehicles utilize ISO 15765-4, however manufactures were allowed to begin using ISO 15765-4 as early as 2003. This overlap means some GM vehicles manufactured between 2003 and 2007 might use either the J1850 protocol or the ISO 15765-4 protocol.  Any Mopar vehicles that don’t use the ISO 15765-4 protocol WILL NOT be compatible with our gauge controller at this time.


 Painless Gauge Controller By Painless Performance