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Here at Painless we strive to make your search as simple and productive as possible and provide you with the information you need.


Click on one of the images below that most describe the type of vehicle you're working on, and we'll help you narrow your search to the exact part that's right for your ride.

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Use the search form below to enter a Part number or keywords. You can search by part number like 10101 which is a "12 Circuit Universal / Streetrod Harness / GM Keyed Column". However, wePainless wiring Harness Box know that most people may not have a part number handy, so you can also search by entering a little information about what your looking for in the search field like "Streetrod Harness" or "GM Keyed". You can search with as little as three letter words like LS1. Using quotation marks around your search criteria will produce an exact match, so searching for "Fan Relay" will only list items with the words Fan Relay side-by-side in either the title or description, whereas searching for Fan Relay without the quotes will list items with either Fan or Relay or both fan and relay in the title or description. If you are looking for a couple of different parts you can also try searches like "Fan Relay" and "Fuel Injection". You can also narrow your search a little using the NOT operator like "Fan Relay" -"Dual Activation". Keep in mind as you search, most of our parts can be used in just about any vehicle where basic wring is needed so using words like "Ford" would not find the 10101 12 Circuit Streetrod Harness even though the 10101 will fit a Ford.

If you can't find what you're looking for, you can always call or email our Tech Support 8 am- 5 pm mon. - fri..

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