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Dual Activation Electric Fan Relay Kit (185 degrees F On/175 degrees F Off) By Painless Performance
Made In USA
P/N 30115 $56.99
Dual Activation Electric Fan Relay Kit (185 degrees F On/175 degrees F Off)



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Installing air conditioning to your hot rod?  Need a cooling fan relay to operate off of a thermostatic switch and when your a/c is on?  The dual activation cooling fan relay kits by Painless Performance are exactly what you need. Only a few minutes for the installation and your cooling fan will come on when the engine reaches the preset temperature of the thermostatic switch mounted in the engine head or when the a/c is turned on. 


This kit includes:

  • 40 Amp relay with mounting base
  • 30 Amp circuit breaker protection for the electric fan
  • Thermostatic switch 185°F On/175°F Off (thread size: ⅜"-18NPT)
  • ½"NPT to ⅜"NPT adapter
  • Pre-terminated and printed wire harness (6' input, 4' output)
  • Simple to use Posi-taps for the ignition and a/c compressor connections
  • Mounting hardware and insulated terminals
  • Illustrated instruction sheet



WarningProp 65 Warning
Hazardous Material Warning

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit

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