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2003 2004 2005 Cummins Diesel Engine Harness 5.9L - Manual Transmission Only 60250


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Part Number: 60250
Year: 2003 - 2005
Make: Dodge
Model: 2500HD or 3500HD
Engine: 5.9L CRD Cummins
Trans.: Manual Transmission Only


The first aftermarket harness to facilitate the transplant of a Cummins diesel engine, this harness will fit 2003 - 2005 5.9L common rail diesel Cummins engines using standard transmissions.  Professionally manufactured by Painless Performance with all new components that meet factory specifications for durability and performance this harness is the product of an 18 year tradition of Painless ingenuity.

Created with a rugged Bussman weatherproof electrical center at its heart, this harness is ready for the harsh environment of a diesel engine compartment.  Integral fuse block circuits include 40 amp relays for fuel pump, fuel heater and ignition circuits.  B+ and ignition circuits are short circuit protected by the 10 mini ATC fuses.




Built with pneumatically crimped, gold plated terminals for a positive connection between the PCM and all of the engine sensors. 


Internal harness wire splices are pneumatically crimped and then sealed with weather proof heat shrink.


Extra 20 amp fused output wire included to power anything from a CB radio to a ColdShot water methanol injection system.


Connectors included for all three styles of accelerator pedal position sensors.  These three types being; 2003 bell crank mounted to the front of the intake manifold, 2004 APPS factory mounted under the driver side battery tray and 2005 APPS mounted to the accelerator pedal inside the cab.


Have a bad sensor; find out which one is causing your problem by retrieving diagnostic trouble codes and live engine data through using the OBD2 connector that is wired into the harness.  You will notice we don't have a check engine light attached to the OBD2 connector pictured to the right.  Chrysler builds their late model trucks with a digitally controlled check engine light.  The ECM does not have a driver to turn a light on.  Instead, it communicates serially to the instrument cluster control module which controls the check engine light.




Got a 2003-4 Cummins and ECM but want to run an aftermarket lift pump; no problem.  The 60250 harness gives you the ability to operate a 40 amp relay (pre-mounted and wired into the fuse block) with a 2003-4 fuel pump drive circuit from your ECM.  It is as simple as swapping one inline connector to the next.  See picture below.

We recommend checking the online manual for the full list of required mating parts prior to ordering.  

Number of Circuits: 10 Fuses with 2 Ignition, 1 Fuel Heater & 1 Accessory Relay
Harness Length: 4 Feet Between Engine and ECM
Fuse Type: Mini Blade
Firewall Passthrough: Grommet
Color Code Based:  2005 2500HD Dodge Truck
Circuit Designations: Printed Wire Tags on all Connectors and Open Ended Wires

You will need the following components in addition to this harness for a successful installation:

1. ECM- This must be a factory ECM flashed for a manual transmission.  This harness only fits ECMs from 2003-2005 Dodge trucks with the 5.9L Cummins engine.
2. IAT heater relays- This harness provides ECM output wires in order to turn on factory style IAT heater relays.  You must purchase these relays or get them from a salvaged vehicle.  
3. APPS- This harness supports the 2003 early Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor that was mounted on the front of the engine to the intake, the 2004 APPS mounted under the battery box and the 2005 late model Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor that was mounted on the accelerator pedal.  You must use which ever APPS your ECM is programmed for.  All APPS units are available from your local Chrysler dealer.
4. CTS- This harness only supports the late model style coolant temperature sensor.  
5. LIFT PUMP- There are several options when choosing a lift pump.  This harness provides a 30 amp power wire.  It is relayed and ECM controlled.
A.      Use a factory style lift pump; this may be a good budget minded option if this Cummins motor is transplanted into a vehicle that already had a diesel engine.  Be sure to check volume and pressure from your factory lift pump if going with this option.
B.      2003-2004.5 Cummins engines had lift pumps mounted to the back of the fuel filter/water separator.  
C.      Use an aftermarket lift pump.
6. RADIATOR FAN DRIVE- This is factory mounted to the fan shroud and controls the speed of the mechanical radiator cooling fan.  This part can be taken from the donor vehicle or purchased new.  If you may also choose to use aftermarket radiator fans.
7. VSS SIGNAL WIRE- This wire needs to receive a 5 Volt square wave signal from an ABS module or VSS signal modification module. 


The Fuse Block Protects The Following Circuits:

  • Accessory
  • DLC B+
  • ECM B+
  • ECM B+
  • ECM B+
  • ECM Key-On
  • Fuel Heater
  • Fuel Pump
  • Ign Key-On
  • Wastegate & Fan
  • 40 Amp Fuel Pump Relay
  • 40 Amp Fuel Heater Relay
  • 40 Amp Ignition Relays



This harness includes connections for the following components:

  • 20 Amp Output
  • 2003 - 2004 Fuel Pressure Drive
  • 2005 Fuel Pressure Drive
  • Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor
  • Alternator Regulator
  • APPS 2004
  • APPS Early
  • APPS Late
  • Battery
  • Battery Temperature
  • Brake Switch #1
  • Brake Switch #2
  • Camshaft Position Sensor
  • Coolant Temperature Sensor
  • Crankshaft Position Sensor
  • Cruise Control
  • CTS Early Signal
  • CTS Late Signal
  • CTS Signal
  • Data Link Connector 
  • ECM
  • Fuel Control Acutator
  • Fuel Heater
  • Fuel Pressure Relay
  • Fuel Pump
  • Fuel Rail Pressure
  • Harness 12v Activation
  • IAT Heater Relay Activation #1
  • IAT Heater Relay Activation #2
  • Injectors
  • MAP / Intake Air Temperature
  • Oil Pressure
  • Park/Neutral Safety Switch
  • Pre-Turbo IAT/Pressure
  • Radiator Fan Drive
  • VSS Signal
  • Wastegate Control Solenoid
  • Water-In-Fuel Sensor