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PERFECT HI-VELOCITY LS2, 3 & 7 95MM 1400CFM Mechanical Throttle Body 65303


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Part Number: 65303


The PERFECT HI-VELOCITY LS2, 3 & 7 95MM Mechanical Throttle Body is a great addition to your 2006 and newer LSX engine combination. It converts your LSX engine over to a mechanical throttle linkage by replacing the factory GM electronic throttle body with a much larger and improved airflow design to fully optimize your engine's potential.


NOTICE: This Throttle Body will not work on a 2006 – 2011 GM LS2, 3, or 7 unless
an aftermarket Engine Management System is used. The factory GM computers 
used to run these engines are for Throttle-by-Wire or Electronic Throttle Body’s
ONLY and will not have the functionality needed to run the LS1 IAC(Idle Air 
Control Motor) or LS1 TPS(Throttle Position Sensor). 


PERFECT HI-VELOCITY LS2, 3 & 7 Features:

1) Uses the LS1 mechanical throttle body TPS and IAC from a Camaro or Firebird. The popularity of these engines makes attaining these sensors very simple.

2) Elliptical Blade to allow for superiour drivabilty and throttle response by minimizing the abrupt change in airflow during the first 15 degrees of blade movement or what's commonly referred to as "Tip-In".

3) Manufactured from billet aluminum, black anodized and then polished to a high gloss black finish. Oxidation of these throttle bodys is not a problem.

4) All stainless steel fasteners included along with a stainless steel throttle cable bracket.