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A relay is the cheapest insurance you can get.

Relays can be thought of as isolators. Relays keep the high power demand of some accessories from damaging other circuits not designed to handle as much power. The relay acts like a switch, turning the power on and off when requested. Thus, the actual switch that controls only has to have a fraction of the power going through it that would be required by the accessory it controls. Painless Wiring relays are designed to handle up to 30 amps of power, and we recommend their use when adding any electrical accessory such as water pump, fuel pump, cooling fan, driving lights, etc. More Relay Information

Use a relay with electric water pumps, electric fuel pumps, and electric cooling fans.

These components draw a lot of amperage that can be hard on a switch. Using a relay puts the high amperage through the relay instead. All the dash switch does now is turn the relay on and off. Your switch life is increased. We suggest only running one component from each relay, but one switch can be used to turn on multiple relays. To see how a relay works, click here.